How To Make Iced Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

Do you need to awaken your brain cells after a long day? Nothing beats a cup of iced coffee, especially in the heat of summer. But what if you don't have a coffee machine? Is it possible to make iced coffee without a coffee maker?


Yes, of course! In this article, we will explain how to make iced coffee without a coffee maker. It can take a little longer than traditional brewing, but you'll be pleased with a great cup of iced coffee when you're done. You'll also get a more strong coffee if you create cold brew instead of traditional brewing!

Many people wonder, "how to make an iced coffee without a coffee maker" We'll walk you through the process so you can make the perfect iced coffee for yourself in no time. You'll be amazed to know how quickly it is ready, and once you learn how easy it is, you'll be doing it all the time. You only need to follow the steps below, and you won't need hot water or even a coffee maker. Are you surprised? Yes, it's that easy, yet it's full of rich taste.


Let's Get Started.

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Iced Coffee vs Cold Brewed Coffee

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Iced Coffee vs Cold Brewed Coffee

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Iced Coffee vs Cold Brewed Coffee

Iced coffee and cold-brewed coffee may sound like the same thing, but they're not really. To begin with, each is prepared differently. Also, the coffee does not have the same taste. Let's look at the differences to help you determine which method is best for you.

Iced Coffee

Are you in a hurry? There's no reason to give up your favorite cup of coffee. Iced coffee recipes have the benefit of being a tasty and quick answer for your caffeine demands.

Note: Not only that, but if you like your coffee strong and a bit bitter, iced coffee is definitely for you! Like regular hot coffee, it's prepared using hot water. When the coffee is cooled, the hot water reacts with it, causing it to taste a little bitter. If you aren't a big fan of bitter coffee, you can add sweetener, milk, or flavor to your coffee. You'll be able to cover the bitterness this way!

Cold-Brewed Coffee

Cold-brewed coffee is prepared with cold water, as the name suggests. This method gives a smooth and full-bodied flavor to the coffee. It enables the coffee's sweet components to be released. Cold-brewed coffee is also less acidic, making it easier on the stomach.

How To Make Iced Coffee Without A Coffee Maker


Step 1: Prepare What You Need

  • 1 tablespoon ground or instant coffee

  • A long spoon

  • A tall glass

  • A stovetop pot

  • A pour-over or a strainer

  • 4 ounces filter water

  • Ice

  • Milk or creamer (optional)

  • Coffee flavor (optional)

  • Sugar or sweeteners (optional)


Step 2: Prepare the Coffee

Some people prefer ground coffee, while others love instant coffee. Thankfully, you can use either to make rich iced coffee.

Instant Coffee
Boil the water in a stovetop pot or an electric kettle until boiling. Pour the water over the instant coffee in a cup and stir well until it dissolves.

Ground Coffee
To make the coffee, we like to use "the golden ratio," which is 2 teaspoons of coffee to 6 ounces of water.

To make your coffee, follow these easy steps:

  • Place the pot filled with filtered water to a boil on the stove.
  • Add in the coffee grounds.
  • Turn off the heat and cover the pot for 5 minutes.
  • Check to see if the grounds have settled to the bottom of the pot.
  • In a glass, pour the coffee. You may use a strainer to ensure that no grinds are transferred into your drinking glass.

We'll reveal a couple more secrets to make your iced coffee even tastier:

  • Prepare the coffee stronger than you want it because when you add the ice, it will dilute the coffee.

  • Make the coffee shot-like; don't use too much water. You'll need around one-third of what you'd put in a hot cup of coffee.

  • Leave the coffee to cool for as long as possible before proceeding to the next step.


Step 3: Make the Iced Coffee

There are 3 options by which you can go about this step.

Option 1: Start with the Ice
We prefer to use ice cubes in this recipe. However, crushed ice can also be used. Pour the desired amount of ice into an empty glass.

Note: Pour the previously made coffee over the ice. At this step, you may need to add extra water. Finally, please give it a good stir to mix well.

Option 2: Start with the Coffee
Alternatively, pour the coffee into the glass first, then fill the glass with ice. Again, filtered room temperature water may be required here.

Option 3: Combine Step 2 and Step 3 Using a Pour Over
Steps 2 and 3 can be combined if you have a pour-over. This is what you'll do.

  • Add ice to the glass.

  • Place the strainer or pour-over in the glass.

  • Add the ground coffee to the strainer or pour-over.

  • Boil the water for 30 to 60 seconds and let it cool.

  • In a circular motion, pour the water over the coffee, allowing the coffee to seep through the pour-over and the ice to chill it down.

  • As preferred, add room temperature filter water.

Note: Make sure there's enough room in the glass if you're going to add milk or cream.


Step 4 (Optional): Add Milk or Cream

If you enjoy a splash of white in your iced coffee, Then this is the moment to do it. Add in the milk, whether heavy cream, skimmed milk, or plant-based milk like almond. Make sure to stir the milk into the coffee once it has been poured.


Step 5 (Optional): Add Sweetener

Stir in your favorite sweetener until completely dissolved.


Step 6 (Optional): Add Flavor

You may flavor your iced coffee with caramel, vanilla, or chocolate. There are even some more festive and innovative flavors that you may try.

Note: Some options combine both; flavor and a sweetener. However, some flavor syrup brands work best with hot beverages than cold ones. So, when you order coffee flavor syrups, ensure that they can be used in both types of drinks.


Step 7: Add More Ice

We discovered that, more often than not, you'll want to add more ice once you're done. Stir in the ice for an even, smooth, and pleasantly cool flavor. If you don't like too much ice, you can skip this step.

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Have some free time? Cold brew coffee can be prepared ahead of time. Making cold brewed coffee takes a little longer than making regular iced coffee, but the results are worth it.


Step 1: Prepare What You'll Need

  • Ice

  • 1 cup ground coffee

  • 1 coffee filter

  • 4 cups filter water

  • A glass container with a lid

  • A Mason jar

  • Coffee flavor (optional)

  • Sugar or sweeteners (optional)

  • Milk or creamer (optional)


Step 2: Prepare and Store

Add the ground coffee and fill the Mason jar with water. The coffee to water ratio should be around 2 cups of water for every half cup of ground coffee. Stir well and store in the fridge for 12 to 24 hours to brew and chill.


Step 3: Strain and Serve

Using a coffee filter, pour the cold brew into the glass container. You can keep and use your brew in the fridge for up to two weeks and use it to make great iced coffee drinks.


Step 4: Repeat Step 4-7

Because the coffee preparation process is the only difference between the two recipes, the rest of the steps are the same as iced coffee.

Things to Consider

Here are a few things to keep in mind while making the perfect iced coffee.

Choose the Right Coffee

The quality of your iced coffee is affected by the type of coffee bean and the roast. Using freshly ground, dark-roasted coffee beans, especially when making cold-brewed coffee, will help to improve the flavor.

Shockproof Coffee Glass

Adding cold and hot to the glass may cause it to shatter and break. So, using a shockproof glass for your iced coffee is always a good idea.

Sweeten the Deal

We recommend using liquid sweetener or syrup if you like your coffee sweet or want to improve flavor. Compared to powder or granulated versions, they dissolve better in cold coffee.

You can also prepare it yourself with your favorite sweetener. Another perk is that it can be stored for regular use.

Coffee Ice Cubes

Do you enjoy iced coffee but don't always have time to make it? The next best thing is coffee ice cubes! You can easily prepare them and drop them into a glass of water or milk to enjoy the delightful flavor of cold-brewed coffee!

Final Words

You don't have to visit a coffee shop to enjoy a cold coffee drink. You don't even need a coffee machine to get started! It's simple to make your favorite iced coffee. Moreover, it just takes a few ingredients that everyone has at home!


It's a fantastic way to enjoy the health advantages of coffee.

How To Make Iced Coffee Without A Coffee Maker
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