A baby monitor is a radio device perfect for listening to the sounds in your baby's room. Video cameras and night vision features are available on some modernized best baby monitor under 100. You can now remotely monitor video footage using only your smartphone. Overall, baby monitors are an excellent device for checking on your baby's safety and condition if you leave them for a short time to go to a different area of your home.

Best Baby Monitor Under 100

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HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor with Remote

Big LCD screen

Available At Amazon
HelloBaby 3.2 Inch Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision & Temperature Sensor

Two Way Talkback

Available At Amazon
Serene-Life Video Baby Monitor Long Range

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Available At Amazon
Philips AVENT Dect Audio Baby Monitor

DECT Technology for Zero Interference

Available At Amazon
VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor

Up to 1,000 feet of range

Available At Amazon
SereneLife USA Video Baby Monitor

Wireless & Portable Baby Monitoring

Available At Amazon
Motorola MBP481 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor

Infrared Night Vision

Available At Amazon

Every mother wants to have the best baby monitor. Many of them were worried by the ridiculously high prices. Parents used to pay hundreds of dollars on higher-quality monitors. This belongs to the past, there are new baby monitors on the market, and they are pretty reasonable.

Choosing the correct option for you and your baby can be challenging, with so many options available. Don't know what to do? Have trouble making a decision? You have come to the right place! We have created a complete guide and a list of the best and most recommended products. What are the best baby monitors available in the market? You don't have to be worried because we've prepared a list of the best baby monitors under 100 for you to choose from.

Can You Buy A Baby Monitor Under 100?

Baby monitors range in price from $50 to $400. To keep the answer straightforward and sweet for you—yes! To keep it short for you, the answer is yes! Baby monitors are now available for less than a hundred dollars. We have listed a few of those baby monitors below.

Should You Buy A Budget Baby Monitor?

This is the actual problem right now. Parents are worried about the cost of expensive baby monitors. On the other hand, they are concerned about the quality of the best budget baby monitors.

That makes perfect sense. After all, we've always associated low cost with poor quality. But this isn't always the case. As already mentioned, there are a few best budget baby monitors in this price range.

The goal here, though, is to set reasonable expectations. Because we're talking about the best budget baby monitors, you should be prepared to let go of some advanced features.

How Long Do You Want To Use It?

Using a best value baby monitor with basic features during the early years is ok. You may require more features as your child grows older. It's great if you get one with remote pan, tilt, and zoom features, as well as a motion tracker so you can follow your baby around the room.

Best Baby Monitor Must-Have Features

This would be based on your needs. Night vision, sound indicators, two-way talkback, alerts, voice-activated eco mode, remote pan, tilt, and zoom are all-important baby monitor features. Other valuable features include a nightlight, a temperature sensor, pre-programmed lullabies, soundtracking, motion, and VOX mode.

Stay At Home Or Go Out?

You should get a wireless baby monitor if you go out often, so you can monitor your baby no matter where you go.

How Many Receivers Do You Need?

You can find the answer by looking at the size of your home, the number of floors and walls, and the number of rooms. If you have a big house and want to keep an eye on your baby in more than one room, you may need a baby monitor with multiple parent units or multiple cameras.

Types Of Baby Monitor

There are mainly three types of best affordable baby monitors available in this price range. Here are a few examples:

Audio Baby Monitor
These are also known as sound-only monitors and are developed to help you listen to your baby's movements and sounds. These devices must be noise-canceling so that you can only hear your baby's cries and coos.

Video Baby Monitor
You can watch them on-screen with these video monitors, but that's not all. Most of these baby monitors with night vision features for monitoring your baby's activity in low-light conditions.

Wireless Baby Monitor
These are baby monitors that do not include a parent unit. Instead, you can connect them to your WiFi network, and you can download an app on your tablet or smartphone and watch the feed through the app.

Transmission Range For Baby Monitors
A transmission range of at least 800 feet is required if you have a large house or a house with many walls.

Top 7 Best Baby Monitor Under 100

Let's look at the top 7 best baby monitors that are under 100. These fantastic baby monitors are available on Amazon with simple buying choices. It will be an excellent gift or the best purchase for a new parent.

1. Hello Baby HB65 Video Baby Monitor

HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor with Remote

This baby monitor features a big LCD screen and Safe Wireless Technology. It includes a 3.2-inch screen display and a very dependable and secure connection. This is due to the combination of frequency hopping and digital encryption technologies. A remote pan-tilt and zoom function is available on the 32.2 inch LCD screen. The remote control camera has a horizontal rotation angle of 355o and a vertical rotation angle of 120o. This allows you to get the desired angle to keep an eye on the baby in the nursery.

It has a crystal clear two-way talk feature that facilitates communication from both sides. The audio is crystal clear, and the chat feels like you're talking directly to each other. It has smart features such as a room temperature sensor that monitors and warns you of any room temperature changes. It comes with a lullaby; Night vision, sound level LED indicator, and audio-only mode. It also has two stunning colors to choose from.

  • Infrared Night Vision.
  • Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera.
  • 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Transmission.
  • Battery-Powered Parent Unit.
  • 3.2" LCD Screen.
  • The battery is not powerful.
  • Limited features.
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2. HelloBaby 3.2 Inch Video Baby Monitor

HelloBaby 3.2 Inch Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision & Temperature Sensor

The HelloBaby 3.2 Inch Video Baby Monitor is an excellent choice for any home. It offers excellent features that allow parents to monitor their babies easily. Here are some of the outstanding features that set it apart from alternative products. The most significant feature of this product remains the ability to monitor the baby's room temperature. It is not required to use an external thermometer to check the temperature of the baby's room. 

You don't have to wake the baby to check the temperature. The ability to observe your baby is perhaps the most important feature of this product. It uses four cameras and always allows you to identify your baby's location and position. You can use the monitor to see how your baby is doing.

In terms of night vision, this product is the best. You can monitor your babies at any time of day, whether it's during the day or at night. This is a big plus. Perhaps the most helpful feature of this product is the ability that allows you and your child to communicate in two ways. The system is simple to use, as the audio system has an auto-mute option. You can control the level of noise using this.

  • Sound Activated LED Indicator&Screen.
  • Night Vision & Temperature Sensor.
  • Transmission Range- Up To 960 Feet.
  • Two Way Talkback System.
  • 100% secure with a 2.4GHz frequency.
  • One Monitor Can Pair With 4 Camera.
  • The image quality is poor because the screen is smaller than the others.
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3. SereneLife Video Baby Monitor

Serene-Life Video Baby Monitor Long Range

SereneLife's wireless upgraded long-range 850' baby monitor lets you keep an eye on your baby even if you are a long-distance within your house, and the sound is clear. It features a reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection. The 2-inch color wireless display allows you to watch clear images and videos of the baby. It has an 850ft range, is lightweight, and has a strong battery that can be recharged. 

This baby monitor has built-in high sensitivity microphones and speakers, as well as a Two-Way talkback function. This allows you to connect with the baby and calm the baby in real-time.


  • Screen Sleep Mode allows you to activate VOX mode to deactivate the screen.

  • Range of up to 850ft.

  • Intercom Talk Through allows you to talk to and calm the baby remotely.

  • The temperature monitoring function keeps tabs on the temperature in the baby's nursery.

  • 24-hour long battery life.

  • Extended Wireless Range Upgraded Up To 850 Feet.
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery.
  • Two-Way Communication Enabled.
  • 2.4Ghz Video Transmission.
  • Built-in Thermometer.
  • Bright backlight that reduces battery life.
  • Loud melodies and lullabies.
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4. Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor

Philips AVENT Dect Audio Baby Monitor

The Philips AVENT DECT is an exceptional baby monitor that fits your lifestyle and home demands. It is an outstanding baby monitor that costs less than $50 gives good value for money. It has a 900ft range of effectiveness. It is upgraded with DECT technology, which reduces the interface to zero. The sound is extremely clear, and the night light produced is soothing, ensuring a restful night for you and your baby.

This monitor has a 1.6-inch LED display that displays the battery level, room temperature, and the strength of the signal. The parent unit automatically becomes active when there is an activity in the baby's nursery or cries for help. The parent unit vibrates and then lights up in response. It operates on 2 AA rechargeable batteries and can last up to 18 hours. Philips AVENT DECT is a secure device with a 100% secure private connection.

  • DECT Technology for Zero Interference.
  • The Outdoor range of up to 300 meters.
  • Five Sound-Activated LEDs.
  • Battery Powered Parent Unit.
  • Variable Volume Control.
  • The lullabies do not have a timer.
  • The LED lights are too bright.
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5. VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor

The VTech DM221-2 is a high-quality, low-cost baby monitor. The product is incredibly affordable and simple to use. It has a good rating due to its excellent sound quality. The sound is the loudest available in the market. You can hear the sound of the VTech DM221-2 even if you are afar. You will know that your baby needs your attention when the alarm raises. It is one of the cheap.

A sound activation system is included in the monitor. Additionally, it has a two-way communication feature. You can hear when your baby plays and cries. You can talk with the baby in the same way. This will give your baby the feel that you are there. It also has a nightlight. One fantastic feature about this is that it can be controlled remotely. As a result, it is more convenient and comfortable to use. Normally, the monitor may seem difficult. This isn't the case, and it shouldn't be. It comes with a user guide and a menu instructing you how to use the monitor to care for your baby. Something was said previously about the sound, and it's extremely loud. You can adjust it to control the sound. There are five different sound levels to choose from.

  • DECT 6.0 digital technology.
  • Battery Powered Parent Unit.
  • Vibrating Sound-Alert.
  • Talk Back Intercom.
  • Up to 1,000 feet of range.
  • Two Parent Units.
  • The battery drains very fast.
  • There aren't any useful features.
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6. SereneLife USA Baby Monitor

SereneLife USA Video Baby Monitor

SereneLife is a video baby monitor with useful features for modern parents. It has a 3.2-inch wireless display that provides digital video over the 2.4GHz frequency band. It is a rechargeable portable baby monitor with a wireless range of 850ft. Compared to other replaceable batteries, it has an internal rechargeable battery that can last for hours.

It comes with a built-in thermometer that alerts you of the room's temperature. This assures that the baby spends the night in a temperature-controlled environment. The SereneLife video baby monitor is one of the best inexpensive baby monitors available in the market. It has excellent performance as well as fantastic connection. Overall, SereneLife is a high-quality wireless video monitor. You can now keep an eye on your baby during the day and night.

  • Extended Wireless Range Up To 850' ft.
  • Wireless & Portable Baby Monitoring.
  • Two-Way Communication Enabled.
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery.
  • 2.4 GHz Video Transmission.
  • The battery drains very fast.
  • Lacks convenient features.
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7. Motorola MBP481 Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP481 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor

Motorola's digital video monitor is equipped with 2.4GHz FHSS wireless technology and a high level of design quality. It is one of the best and most affordable baby monitors with a camera on the market these days, with a strong signal. The diagonally shaped screen of this video baby monitor is 2.4 inches. It has a colorful digital zoom screen, infrared night vision, and a high-sensitivity microphone.

It has a range of up to 1000 feet and notifies you when you are out of range using the Out-Of-Range Alert feature. It has an LED Sound Level Indicator, F 2.7 millimeter, and F 2.6 lens. There is a Low Battery Alert on the Parent Unit, and the battery is rechargeable. When using this device, keep in mind that pairing can be affected if other devices are used. It has intelligent features such as lullabies and a two-way talkback communication feature. When the device detects sound in the baby's room, the unit lights up automatically, and the audio is transmitted.

  • Long-Range Transmission, Up To 1000 Ft.
  • 2.8″ Color Display With Digital Zoom.
  • 2.4 GHz FHSS Wireless Technology.
  • Room Temperature Display.
  • Infrared Night Vision.
  • Only a 2.4-inch display is available.
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What Are The Top Baby Monitors Brands?

Baby monitors are often considered the safest method of keeping an eye on your baby. You will never need to look into the nursery to check what your baby is doing if you have the right monitor.

But again, when it comes to choosing the best baby monitor for the money, most parents try to find the right one. This is most likely due to the wide range of monitor brands on the market. As a result, deciding which monitor brand is the best to rely on can be challenging.

But don't worry, we'll look at some of the best baby monitor brands in this section. Let's check them out.

Infant Optics
This brand is popular among parents due to its wide list of high-quality baby monitors.

HelloBaby is a relatively new brand that was founded in 2017. The company claims to provide high-end baby monitors and services at a reasonable price.

This company, founded in 2015, focuses mainly on smart living. They are also dedicated to manufacturing innovative and intuitive baby monitors.

This brand is well-known for its revolutionary product design and high quality when it comes to baby monitors.

Motorola Baby

Motorola Baby is another reliable brand that produces high-quality baby monitors.

Vtech takes pride in producing some of the finest electronic toys for infants, toddlers, babies, and pre-k learning levels.


Babysense is a well-known brand of baby video monitors and movement. The company was founded over 30 years and helped parents feel safer.

Best Baby Monitor Buying Guide

It is not easy to get the best baby monitor for your baby. Especially for new parents, they can find it challenging to choose the best. If you are buying for the first time, this guide will be helpful for you. When making a purchase, there are several features to consider.

Analog vs. Digital

Analog and digital are both commonly used baby monitors and are available in varieties. An analog baby monitor aims to transmit the baby's sounds to the speakers so that the parents can hear the baby. A signal is usually transmitted by a transmitting unit/station in a couple of pulses. Analog baby monitors have frequencies ranging from 49 MHz to 900 MHz.


Digital works nearly the same as analog, with signal transfer through the radiofrequency. The frequency of digital is different, ranging from around 1.8 GHz to 2.4 GHz. And it is encrypted before being sent, and it is decrypted upon reception. This is the key difference between these two types of baby monitors.

Video and Audio

The clarity of the monitor's video and audio features is the first thing to consider. The primary reason you purchase this product is to know the current status of your baby. You'll need a clear view of the baby, which you can get with a clear video. Look for baby monitors that can deliver clear, high-quality images. Apart from that, audio clarity is also important. You don't have to guess whether your baby is crying or needs help, the video clearly shows everything.


If you purchase a video baby monitor, this will most likely have a 2.4GH frequency. However, this is not enough. You should use Enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS Technology, and you have to make sure that the frequency is correct. This helps to clear the streams and eliminates any background interference or noise.

Screen Size

The screen size on the parent unit is what many parents consider. Some like a large LCD screen so they can watch their loved one without straining, while others are happy with any size. However, the size you choose should be clear enough to allow you to see the baby and point out any problems in the room.


The video monitor must feature a camera to see the baby. However, you should select one with a high-quality camera that sends HD feeds to your LCD color screen.


If you purchase a video baby monitor, this will most likely have a 2.4GH frequency. However, this is not enough. You should use Enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS Technology, and you have to make sure that the frequency is correct. This helps to clear the streams and eliminates any background interference or noise.

Range and Transmission

You do not have to carry the baby monitor with you. It should be capable of transmitting signals at a long distance. It's enough to have a monitor with a maximum range of at least 600 feet. However, choose those with a maximum range of 900 feet or more. The transmission range must be determined by comparing products based on this feature. The higher the transmission range, the better for you.

Night Vision

Furthermore, wouldn't it be better for you if you could watch your baby even in the dark? Yes, that is something that any parent would love. So, while choosing a baby monitor, make sure it has a night vision feature. Check out one that has infrared night vision so you can see your baby in the dark. Remember to get a high-quality camera that will provide clear feeds even at night.


The device must be compact to be portable. You may easily move it from one location to another if lightweight. The product should be extremely easy to use.


The battery must be durable. This ensures that it can perform for an extended period of time before running out of power. The battery, on the other hand, should be rechargeable.

Extra Features

More importantly, you should consider whether the baby monitor has any extra features for your convenience. Other features to consider it include WiFi connectivity, a room temperature monitor, remote control, built-in lullabies, ease of use, and the ability to track the baby's vitals.


What Is An Excellent Cheap Baby Monitor?
There are many options for baby monitors on the market. However, having a nice one does not need spending a lot of money. Our list of the top 7 best baby monitors under 100 reveals that you can get an excellent baby monitor for a low price. That being said, do not choose a product solely based on its low price. Instead, search for the best deal. Just find the one with all the features you want at a high-quality level while not emptying your wallet.

Is Video Baby Monitor Worth Buying?
This is dependent entirely on your preferences. Some parents like to keep their babies close to them at all times. A video baby monitor will help you relax if you're one of them. Isn't it good to be able to see their adorable little face whenever you want?

What Is The Best Baby Monitor Under 100 This Year?
The answer is not always consistent. Every year, most brands bring some of the best video baby monitors that work as CCTV. These send images through the app, easily accessible through mobile apps. However, some parents would say that the classic baby monitors have always been and continue to be the best.

How Do You Sleep With A Baby Monitor?
Turn down the receiver's volume. Some baby monitors also include a silent mode that sends alarms via vibration instead of sound. You may also use LED light indicators instead of sound and vibration if you are a light sleeper.

Do I Need WiFi For Baby Monitors?

It depends on your daily routine. You'll need WiFi baby monitors if you spend a lot of time away from the house. However, if you are likely to be at home with your baby, a simple transmission is enough.

Final Words

Now you know the top 7 best baby monitors under 100 on the market. It is an excellent investment to have one if you are a new parent. Keep in mind that there are no perfect baby monitors, and even the top ones listed here lack the quality you need in some way or another. The only way to deal with this problem is to consider your different needs when monitoring your baby. Hopefully, this post has given you enough helpful information to help you in your journey for the best baby monitor under 100.

Best Baby Monitor Under 100
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